The hospital’s former chapel is now the Josep Irla Auditorium. A fragment of the Saint Sebastian altarpiece, created by Josep Tramulles, was taken from the chapel, and is now permanently displayed in a gallery devoted to the Baroque period at the Art Museum.

Now on display inside the chapel is the Torso of Venus by Aristides Maillol and the colossal painting A Great Day in Girona, by Ramon Martí Alsina. The painting of exceptional dimensions (5.40 x 11.90 m), the largest ever painted in Catalonia, tells the story of the city’s fleeting victory over the Napoleonic army in September 1809. The artist worked on it over several years, in different stages, beginning in 1865. However, apparently he never finished it completely. The MNAC gave this work in deposit to the headquarters of the Generalitat in Girona in 2010, which has undergone extensive restoration work.

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